Baby Rattle Balloon Decoration – Great for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are so much fun.  We all ooh and ah over the tiny little baby clothes, teddy bears, and blankets.  Baby shower decorations are dreamy, too, in pale shades of blue, pink, yellow and green or even in today’s more modern combinations of brown and pink polka dots.  This large baby rattle made of balloons is a great decorating idea.

This is the second video I’ve used from the same balloon artist.  His site is no longer active and he doesn’t speak English but his examples are so easy to follow that it’s a shame to let them just go to waste.

One note:  I can’t find the flower shaped balloon he uses for the shape of the rattle.  However, I’ve found the flower shape in the second video makes a great substitute.

Follow the steps in this video, until you reach the part where he attached the flower shaped balloon.   Then, watch the second video to make the purple flower that we’re going to use as a substitute for the flower balloon.


  • 1 3 Ft Clear Latex Balloon with Stars
  • 5 12″ balloons of various colors
  • 1 blue twisty balloon
  • 1 purple twisty balloon (to replace the flower balloon I can’t find)
  • Scissors
  • Pen (for pushing the smaller balloons into the larger balloon)
  • Hand balloon pump

For the purple flower:

You can, of course, use any colors you want to suit the rattle to the colors of the party.  Make several and suspend them from the ceiling or use one as the topper for a baby shower diaper cake.