Balloon Arch and Cardboard Cutouts for a Great Party Entrance

Balloon Arch Idea

© Najeebkhan2009

A great idea for making your party entrance stand out is to combine a balloon arch and cardboard cutouts that are theme related.  You can either make or buy the cutouts – of course making them allows you a lot more flexibility to customize your decorations.

In this example, the decorations are suited to the Lion King theme and cardboard trees include characters from the movie.  This idea can be adapted to any number of occasions.

The balloon arch is simple enough and can be made with helium or without.  See my earlier post on how to make a balloon arch for instructions.

Choose your party theme, pick the colors for your balloon arch and then come up with ideas for how to accent with homemade cardboard cutout decorations.  For example, if you were doing a princess birthday party theme, you could do some golden carriages in cardboard to place at the sides of the entrance.

And you know those cardboard cutouts that have holes for folks to poke their heads through for funny photos?  Come up with a few of those for your party idea.  Everyone thinks they’re hokey at first but I bet every person at the party sticks their head through one at some point.  They’re kind of irresistible.  That’s why you find them at Disneyland.

For the final touch, steel another idea from this balloon arch photo and throw down a red carpet leading through your entrance way.  A touch of glam for the right event is another neat way to make your party unique.