Balloon Column Decoration for Holiday Parties

My favorite holidays are coming up and it’s time to think about decorations. So I found this balloon column decoration which is perfect for end of year parties. You can buy these as a kit which includes the frame, balloons, and instructions.

These holiday balloon columns are ten feet high and two feet deep. While they come with blue and white balloons, you could use your own balloons in special holiday colors or designs to make your column suit the colors of your particular party.

Buy a pair and put them at the entrance way to your home or event location, shine a few holiday lights strategically in their direction, and no one will have trouble finding the fun. Because the kits include the balloon column frame, supports, and attachments, they can be reused for other events. Save them to use as decorations for prom, a sweet sixteen party, or your next dinner party. Just store the frame and instructions and when you’re ready to use them again, supply your own balloons and mylar topper and they’re ready to go.

Elegant Balloon Column Each