Balloon Spiders for Halloween

Balloon Spider for HalloweenHere’s the first in this year’s spooky decorations – balloon spiders for Halloween. Some you can buy, some you can make and some you can use to freak out your friends. (Sigh) What a great holiday!

Many people have a fear of spiders. We can handle many other kinds of bugs but there’s something about those eight legs that gives us the heebie-jeebies which is absolutely the perfect feeling to provoke on Halloween.

So, whether you’re looking for indoor party decorations or outdoor ideas to spook your visitors, we’ve got a few finds to fit the bill.

Let’s start with some cool Mylar balloons you could use for an indoor party, a Halloween event at school, or for an October birthday party. (Hmmm…wonder what it’s like to have a birthday ON Halloween? Is there an over-abundance of orange and black birthday parties?)

Balloon Spider for Halloween

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Airwalker Spider Balloon

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Black Qualatex Spider Balloon

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Glossy Halloween Balloon Spider

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Blue Spider Balloon for Halloween

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Halloween Link Spider Balloons

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How to Make a Large Balloon Spider

Balloon spiders are easy to make, too, and they make the perfect decoration for an indoor party. You can make small ones and attach them to your wall, dangle large ones from the ceiling, or mix and match for your own Arachnophobia scene.

For all the do-it-yourselfers out there, here’s a video showing step by step instructions for twisting large, black spiders for your Halloween event:

Supplies needed are 5 #260 black twisting balloons and one round red balloon.

Here’s a slightly different version of how to make a balloon spider. I like how the she’s combined two colors instead of doing all black. You could use black, orange, and white balloons for different variations of spiders for your party:

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