Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

To create impressive birthday party decoration ideas, follow these tips and suggestions. Coming up with a great plan is the best way to pull off a great looking birthday party.

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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First, start with a blank piece of paper and make some notes about the person who is having the birthday. What are their favorite hobbies, interests, and colors? Can you use any of those hobbies, interests, or ideas to create the theme for the birthday party decorations?

What is the age of the person and the average age of the guests that will be attending?

Consider the location where the party will be held. How large of an area will you need to decorate?

How many people will be attending the birthday party?

The answers to these questions should guide your birthday decoration plan.

Birthday Party Decoration Ideas for Kids:

  • Favorite movie or movie character
  • Favorite Nickelodeon TV show
  • Favorite sport like football, soccer, baseball or ballet
  • Music themed party ideas fashioned after their favorite music group such as Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana
  • Costume party where guests come as cowboys, sports players, or their favorite princess
  • Favorite toy or activity parties – build the theme around blocks, cars, dolls, or video games
  • Outdoor event parties such as ice skating, pool party, or track and field events

Birthday Decoration Ideas for Adults:

  • Solid colored, sophisticated themes
  • Favorite musical group theme party
  • Choose a party theme based on a country of interest with great food choices like Italy, Spain, or Mexico
  • Favorite book or movie party – guests can come dressed as characters from the book or movie

Once you choose the theme, sketch out the party space you need to decorate and use the following balloon birthday party decoration ideas to fill in the blank spaces in the room:

  • Balloon centerpieces for tables set up for eating, birthday presents, or a buffet
  • Balloon columns at the corners of the party area, at the ends of a present table, or at the sides of any doorways to the room
  • Balloon arches over a dance floor or entrance way
  • Balloon drops over the central party area
  • Balloon flowers to attach to walls, columns, or the backs of dining chairs
  • Balloon swags along the tops of walls or over doorways
  • Balloon ceiling covered with helium filled, floating balloons
  • Balloons twisted into shapes that fit the theme

Other ways to decorate for a birthday party include:

  • Use tulle, a lightweight inexpensive decorating fabric, to make large bows, enhance the lighting in a room with lamp covers or to dress up balloon decorations
  • Posters related to the theme are inexpensive and help cover wall space
  • Make cardboard cutouts of related symbols like large footballs for a sports party or tiaras for a princess party
  • Photo boards of the birthday person’s progression through life are always interesting at birthday parties for adults
  • Use items you have around the house that relate to the theme to make centerpieces or to enhance the theme.  Doing a baseball party?  Place bats, balls, gloves and cleats around the party area.   Make the room look like the locker room of your favorite team.

When it’s up to you to create the birthday party decoration ideas, a plan will ensure you cover all the bases and come up with the most unique arrangement to surprise the birthday person and the party guests.

3 comments for “Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

  1. April 26, 2010 at 11:23 am

    Hi there! I sure hope you can help me. I am throwing a circus-themed 1st birthday party for my twin boys in July. I am renting a tent since we live in FL and it’s 100 degrees at 8am in July, lol. The tent will have 2 center poles that I’d like to decorate with balloons. My thought is to have big clusters of balloons maybe halfway up the poles. Then have the ribbon tied to each balloon to be really long and hang down the length of the pole to cover it. Do you think this will work and any clue how many balloons I’d need for each cluster? 25-30? Any other ideas?

    Thank you!!!!!

    Brandi Brown
    Tallahassee, Florida

  2. April 26, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Brandi –

    Oh, you’ve given me a whole post I should write!! Because you’re using a tent, those poles provide an excellent location for balloons. Your idea should work just fine. Sounds like you’ll be filling the balloons with helium and using their ribbons to cover the poles, right? If so, the extreme heat of your summers can cause helium to expand so maybe a week before the party, test how long a helium balloon will last outside and still float. Don’t over-inflate the balloons or they may pop during your party as the heat rises. 25-30 balloons per cluster should be fine. I’ve seen tents decorated where colored streamers are run from the top of the center poles and along the canvas roof to make a colorful ceiling, too.

    You could also use those poles to do balloon columns. You would not need helium for these balloons. See this post on how balloons are wrapped around a pole to form the column: How to Make a Balloon Column.

    Twins and a 1st birthday! What a special event. 😉 My sister and I are godmothers to my brother’s twin boys (now 14!) and I remember what a handful they were when they were little, but so much FUN! Congratulations and I’m sure your party will be a huge success.


  3. April 26, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    LOVE the column idea. That might be better. Thank you! And a huge thanks for the tip on helium in heat. I had no idea. There is a balloon company in town who could do the columns for me. Not sure I could take that on with the rest of the things I’m planning (yes, it’s a ridiculous 1st birthday, but I’m an event planner, what can you expect?!). You’re brilliant. Thanks again!

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