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Tips, techniques, images and instructions on how to make balloon structures.

Balloon Spiders for Halloween

Balloon Spider for Halloween

Here’s the first in this year’s spooky decorations – balloon spiders for Halloween. Some you can buy, some you can make and some you can use to freak out your friends. (Sigh) What a great holiday!

Outside Wedding Balloon Decorations

Backyard Wedding Balloon Decorations

With June just around the corner, an idea for outside wedding balloon decorations seems pretty appropriate! This is a digital design inspired by something I saw in a magazine that could be used to block off unwanted scenery, to surround an outside reception or to line the wedding area itself.

Balloon Decoration for Any Occasion

Balloon Decoration Giant Balloon Ball

This balloon decoration is so flexible, easy and works for almost any occasion including birthday parties, weddings, as a centerpiece or hanging from the ceiling. Use it for an anniversary party, a special holiday or anytime you don’t want to spend a lot of time on balloons but want lots of great color to liven things up.

Ladybug Balloons

Ladybug Balloons

Bring a little good luck to your party with these cute ladybug balloons. Some Mylar, twisted balloon bracelets, and theme party decorations and you’ll have a flutter of little flying charms.

Under the Sea Party Decorations

Mylar Dolphin Balloon Transparent

Under the sea party decorations are great for proms, summer birthday parties, and any time you want to dive under the water without getting wet.

Doing an ocean themed party doesn’t have to be difficult. If you can attach round balloons together and follow some simple directions for shaping twisting balloons into seaweed and bubbles than you can create your own “sea world”.

Balloon Decorations for a Garden Theme Party

Balloon Decorations for Garden Theme Party

These flower balloon decorations can be used in a garden theme party or a little girl’s sunny birthday party and they’re super easy to make. Their decent height and width means you don’t need to make very many, either, to make an impact.

Make Your Own Valentine Balloon Bouquet

Valentine Balloon Bouquet Idea

Oh, yes, before you know it, February 14th will be creeping up on us. A perfect time to learn how to make your own Valentine balloon bouquet for your children, your spouse, your significant other or any special person in your life. If you’re throwing a party around that time, a collection of these balloon bouquet ideas make perfect table centerpieces.

How to Make a Balloon Butterfly

Want to know how to make a balloon butterfly for a great girl birthday party decoration? Follow these video instructions, choose your colors and make a field of butterflies!