Colorful Balloon Column and Arch Ideas

For birthday parties and special events, colorful balloon column and arch ideas are complete scene stealers! This video is like a slide show of some of the most creative balloon decorations all rolled into one.

Special balloon creations that shouldn’t be missed? The two balloon clown columns that join to form one amazing balloon arch and the flowered balloon arch perfect for a girl’s birthday party.

I’ve been thinking today that I’ve covered a lot of the basics on how to make balloon columns and arches but what really starts to make your decorations stand out are the combinations of various balloon decorating techniques. For example, a column made with all the same size balloons is one thing, but a column made with layers of different sized balloons becomes a textured piece of art.

The same can be said of balloon arches. First, a single color used throughout an arch is a nice touch but an arch made by swirling two or three colors or made completely with balloons stuffed with smaller balloons becomes an enchanting, eye-catching totally mind-blowing final touch to any party.

You can also use other types of balloons like Mylar and twisting balloons to add detail to any of your decorations. It’s when you think outside the box – when you add new techniques and tools to your little decorating toolbox – that you really make the most astonishing party ideas come to life.