How to Make Elegant Balloon Centerpieces for a Wedding

Elegant balloon centerpieces can be a beautiful AND inexpensive way to dress up a wedding reception, buffet table, or gift table.  Watch this video demonstration of how to make an elegant balloon centerpiece and come up with unique ideas for your next event, reception or party.

There are a couple of important ideas in this video that make this project easier:

  • Use  a pre-cut template to to make sure the balloons used in the centerpiece are all the same size.  You can make your own using a piece of cardboard.
  • While you can use a professional Cool Air Electric Balloon Inflator, a hand pump will work just as well.
  • Notice that she does not tie off the first balloon.  Instead, she blows up the first balloon, holds it closed, blows up the second balloon and then ties the two balloons together.
  • Larger balloons are being used for the entire project but are only inflated to 5″ for the base sections of the centerpiece.
  • The addition of tulle, ribbon, and Latex Heart Balloons can be used to make a custom arrangement.

Don’t be afraid to use one color of balloon for the entire centerpiece and accent with ribbon, lace, or embellishments in complementary colors from your local craft store.