Fun Fish or Ocean Balloon Centerpiece

Balloons are perfect for decorating an ocean theme party because you can use helium balloons attached to balloon weights or air-filled balloons to simulate bubbles and ocean life. Add this fun ocean balloon centerpiece with cute, bubble-eyed fish and you’ll have one very lively ocean atmosphere.

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To make the balloon fish, follow this next video. The supplies are listed below.

You’ll need:

  • 1 Bright Blue 16 Inch Party Balloonbright blue 16 inch balloon, one for each fish
  • 2 5 inch white balloons (or 2 12 inch white balloons not fully inflated)
  • 2 260-Q Balloons260 Q balloons in your color choice to wrap around the 16 inch balloon
  • 1 #260 Q blue balloon that coils down from the fish balloon
  • 3-5 5 inch white and/or blue balloons to dangle from the coiled balloon
  • Fishing line

Inflate the 16 inch balloon with helium. Make the fish balloon following the second video. Inflate the blue #260 Q balloon that coils down from the fish balloon by inflating it almost all the way and then shape it into curves. Attach it to the fish balloon with fishing line. Dangle the smaller balloons from the fish with fishing line. Wrap fishing line around your balloon fish and anchor it to an ocean balloon weight.

For an outdoor party, put up one or two automatic bubble machines to complete the ocean balloon theme.