Great Birthday Party Balloons for Little Girls

I didn’t have any girls myself, but I have four of the cutest nieces on the planet. They might each have their own style, but I imagine there’s a beautiful balloon decoration in this selection of party balloons for little girls that would fit each of them perfectly.

White with Pink Dots Balloons (6)Pink with White Swirls Balloons (6)

Magenta with Hot Pink Flowers Balloons (6)Yellow with Large White Stars Balloons (6)

Magenta with White Flowers Balloons (6)Red with White Hibiscus Flowers Balloons (6)

Flowers, stars, dots, hearts, and swirls. Something like sugar and spice and everything nice! Aren’t these sweet? What I love about these is that you could mix and match clusters of them easily and make bright, beautiful backgrounds for any little girl’s party.