Halloween Balloons and Balloon Decorations

What happens when a group of balloon twisters gets together just before Halloween? A whole set of wild and whacky Halloween balloons and balloon decorations!

Balloon Twisting BookI’m going to be completely up front with you. I have no idea how to make most of those. I’ve twisted a few balloons in my time, but not quite like this. I generally stick to the round balloons and use the twisting ones only as accents. This video demonstrates how much more you can do with balloons for Halloween!

There is this book on balloon twisting which might help. It does not cover Halloween specifically, but there are directions inside for a skeleton decoration. Otherwise, here are a few Halloween balloon decorations that don’t take much time at all:

Halloween Boo BalloonsHalloween Balloon Arch with Spiders and SkullsHalloween Eek BalloonsJack O Lantern Bubble BalloonsMylar Ghost Holographic BalloonCreepy Eyeball Balloons

Okay, maybe that Halloween balloon arch kit could take a little bit of effort as, of course, some assembly is required, but it’s covered in creepy-crawlies like spiders, and skulls, and bats. Perfect Halloween balloon decorations.