How to Make a Helium Balloon Arch Decoration

A balloon arch can be used as a decoration at the entrance to any party event – a birthday, wedding reception, baby shower or dinner party.  They make a wonderful party attraction and provide the perfect backdrop for pictures.  Follow these tips to make a helium balloon arch decoration using three colors.

To make the balloon arch in the following video, you’ll need these supplies:

  • 20 feet of string
  • 144 helium quality 12″ balloons:  72 of color #1, 36 of color #2, and 36 of color #3 (you may want to have extras of each color as the length of your string and the size to which you inflate the balloons can alter the required number)
  • one helium tank (you can rent these from party stores)
  • 2 balloon weights of approximately 5 pounds each (you could use a brick covered in foil wrapping paper)

Watch this video and then refer to the directions below if you need additional instructions.


  1. Attach the ends of the 20 feet of string to the weights that will hold the arch in place.
  2. Place the weights 12 feet apart.
  3. Use the helium tank to inflate two balloons of color #1.  Instead of tying them off, tie the two ends together.  Inflate one balloon of color #2 and one balloon of color #3 and tie those two balloons together.
  4. Twist the two pairs of balloons together and then wrap the balloons around the string at the base.  Loop the string around a balloon stem to attach the set securely.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 to make the second layer and attach them to the string above the first layer, making sure to rotate the colors so they form the appearance of spiraling around the string.  Make sure the layers are nestled tightly together – no gaps in the line.
  6. Complete the process until you reach the other end of the arch.

It’s important to use balloons inflated to the same size and to attach them securely to the string so they don’t float away.  The helium will begin to fade after about ten hours, depending on how much they were filled and the surrounding temperature.