How to Make a Balloon Flower Column or Arch Decoration

What a sweet – and simple – balloon flower column or arch idea for birthday party decorations!  This video guides you through making a column that is one flower tall, but you can leverage this idea into taller columns, as multiple stand alone flower columns, or as an arch of balloon flowers.

I’ve used a number of demonstration videos in other languages – balloons are international, oui? (That’s what’s left of my three years of French over 20 years ago.  My mother is quite dismayed.)  However, I try to use videos that are easy to follow no matter what language you or I may speak.  It’s actually kind of sweet that no matter what else may divide us at times, balloons are adored all over.

Watch the video and then I’ve laid out some additional directions below:

Lots of balloon decoration are made by tying two balloons together into a pair and then combining pairs of balloons by twisting them together. To make the flower balloon arch:


  • 1 red 12″ latex balloon
  • 4 light blue 12″ latex balloons
  • 11 white 12″ latex balloons
  • balloon string


  1. Inflate the balloons with air two at a time by inflating the first balloon, holding it untied, inflating the second balloon, and then tying the ends of the two together to form a pair.  You will need 8 pairs of balloons:
    • 2 pairs of light blue balloons
    • 1 red balloon paired with a white balloon
    • 5 pairs of white balloons
  2. Twist the two pairs of light balloons together to form a quadruplet (set of 4) balloons and place them on the floor as your base.
  3. Wrap the balloon string around the light blue balloons to keep them anchored.
  4. Twist two pairs of white balloons together for an all-white quadruplet of balloons.  Place the set on top of the light blue balloons, alternating them such that one white balloon is nestled between two light blue balloons.
  5. Wrap the balloon string around the white balloons to keep them in place.
  6. Twist the red/white pair of balloons with one white pair of balloons.  Place the set on top of the column so that the red balloon is nestled between two white balloons.
  7. Wrap the balloon string around this set to anchor.
  8. Twist the last two pairs of white balloons together and place them on top of the column, again alternated so that they nestle between the layer beneath them.
  9. Wrap the string around the final layer and tuck it inside the balloon column.

To make an arch of balloon flowers, you’ll need an arch frame – PVC pipe or a wire support – and continue to layer balloons by attaching them to the frame, similar to the instructions for a balloon arch.

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