Large Balloon Flowers Birthday Decoration

Large Balloon Flowers

Large Balloon Flowers

Large balloon flowers are great balloon decoration ideas for a girl’s birthday party, a baby shower, even a wedding. If you really want something special, make bunches of these and mix up the three colors so you have a variety of giant flowers.

To make this balloon decoration, you’ll need 5 12″ balloons for the flower, 5 5″ balloons for the inside, and one 5″ balloon for the center.

To form the outer petals, inflate two of the outside color and tie the ends together. Inflate the other three and tie their ends together. Twist the duplet of balloons and the set of three balloons together and lay them flat on a table or work surface.

Do the same with the balloons for the inner set of petals and then place the inner formation on top of the outside petals and twist one of the balloons in the outer set around the center of the inner set to secure them together. You could also use an un-inflated twisting balloon to tie the two pieces together. (If this part gets confusing, see the post on balloon flowers and watch the video for instructions on making balloon flower decorations.

Attach the center balloon. You can either suspend the balloon flower from the ceiling with two threads of fishing line to keep it hanging straight or attach it to a wall – even secure them at the base of balloon arches as neat ground cover and an extra finishing touch.

Don’t forget the beads! I think that and the nice, bright colors make this such a cute balloon decoration idea.

Photo © Margojh | Dreamstime.

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  1. October 25, 2009 at 10:09 pm

    wow…This Large Balloon Flowers look awesome. It’s a cute balloon decoration idea. Thanks for sharing it. will try creating one on my sis birthday.

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