Outdoor Birthday Party Balloon Decoration

Outdoor Birthday Party Balloon DecorationThis outdoor birthday party balloon decoration can be used for other outside events, too, and customized to suit any person, theme or occasion. Here, in purple with pink fairy ribbon, it’s adorable for a little’s girl’s butterfly party.

These balloon poles are pretty easy to make. Using a 5′ or 6′ dowel, secure a cluster of balloons around the top of the pole, attach an appropriately themed decoration, some ribbon, streamers or tulle bows at the base of the cluster and you have a customized decoration you can use around the perimeter of your outdoor space, at the front of your house to signal the party location, or at the ends of the present table.

If you are using a special chair for the party girl (or boy – use cars, trains, or their favorite movie character instead of a butterfly), put two just behind the special chair and frame a great photo op.


  • 16 round, 12″ latex balloons in your choice of color (or colors)
  • 1 embellishment like the butterfly, a Mylar balloon shape, or simply a large bow
  • 3 yards of ribbon, tulle, or streamers in matching colors
  • 1 5′ or 6′ dowel (You might have to get creative here as a dowel in this size can be hard to find. Use PVC pipe, which you can leave white or paint to suit or a simple wooden curtain rod from a home improvement store.)

Balloon Decoration Instructions:
Make the Balloon Cluster:

  1. Inflate one balloon to full size but do not tie off the neck.
  2. Inflate a second balloon to the same size and tie the two balloon necks together to make a balloon duplet.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 to create a second duplet.
  4. Follow the diagram below to attach the two duplets.
  • Step 1 – Place the balloon necks of one duplet over the balloon necks of the second duplet.
  • Step 2a – Take one balloon and loop it under the balloon next to it.
  • Step 2b – And then over the next balloon. (If the balloons do not stay attached, continue weaving the balloon up and over the next balloon until the four balloons are secure.)
Balloon Cluster Instructions

Balloon Cluster Instructions

Continue making duplets with the rest of the balloons and attach each duplet to the core set of balloons by repeating Steps 1, 2a and 2b. After attaching all of the duplets, you should have what likes like a giant ball of balloons.


  • Plant the dowel or pole securely into the ground (make sure the top of your dowel or pole is SMOOTH – rough edges will pop your balloons!)
  • Place the balloon cluster over the top of the dowel and push it down so the pole goes through the center of balloon necks that are all twisted together.
  • Attach your embellishment (the butterfly, in this example) to the center of the balloon decoration using fishing line or balloon ribbon.
  • Cut your 3 yards of decorative ribbon or tulle into 3 pieces of equal size and tie them onto the pole just below your balloon cluster.

Items Used in this Outdoor Birthday Party Balloon Decoration:

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Pink Fairy Ribbon

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Purple Ribbon Butterfly

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Back Yard Photo: © ChefRanden