Sesame Street Party Supplies and Ideas

Sesame Street Birthday Party Ideas

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If you’re looking for a great party theme for little ones, check out these Sesame Street party supplies and ideas.  Lots of cool Elmo, Big Bird, and Abby Cadabby decorations to make your child’s birthday extra special.

My son was an Elmo fan forever.  Kids relate to his bright colors, big smile, and happy, excited energy.  He’s fun to watch and kids think of him as their first, best friend.

You can create a wonderful Sesame Street world for your child by using a few giant tricks.

These huge Airwalker balloons, for instance, are 50 inches tall.  Inflated with helium, they’ll stand on the floor and float along on their own as if they’re enjoying the party along with everyone else.

Giant Sesame Street Elmo Party Balloon

Giant Elmo Balloon at Amazon

You can find these giant balloons online at Amazon.  Follow this link for the selection:  Airwalker Balloons on Amazon

Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster all come in super Airwalker sizes.

Make the well-recognized green, street sign that says Sesame Street on it and attach it to a thick dowel, piece of PVC pipe wrapped in gray streamers or painted gray. Fill bold yellow, red, green, and blue balloons with helium. Tie each one off with shiny balloon ribbon in a coordinating color and let the balloons float to the ceiling.

Get a small, gray, plastic garbage can and attach a stuffed Oscar the Grouch animal to the inside of the can lid so his eyes peek out. Prop the lid open from inside with a length of wooden dowel. Use a tape recorder to catch some of Oscar the Grouch’s comments from the show and put the tape recorder in the garbage can to play lightly during the party. When a child walks by, he or she will be able to hear him talk.

Adapt any party games to Sesame Street. Instead of “pin the tail on the donkey”, play “pin the beak on Big Bird” or “pin the mouth on Elmo”.

Leading up to the day of the party, have your child color Sesame Street coloring pages and hang them on the walls or attach them to a plain, white table cloth to be used for the party.

For party goods like plates, cups, and napkins, the folks at Birthday in a Box have put together party kits in both Elmo and Abby Cadabby themes.  The kits come in different sizes and includes lots of options so you can go as small or as big as you like, depending on your number of party guests.

Elmo Birthday Party Supplies
Elmo Deluxe Birthday Box
– $ 32.99
Our Elmo Deluxe Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Elmo party decorations, and birthday candles.

Abby Cadabby Deluxe Birthday Box
– $ 45.99
Our Abby Cadabby Deluxe Party Box includes everything you need to throw the perfect party for your little one and 7 guests! Contents include full tableware for 8, a variety of Abby Cadabby party decorations, and birthday candles.

Instead of a traditional sheet cake, make a round, tier cake and place cake toppers in the shapes of the Sesame Street characters on the edges of the tiers. Top the cake with a big, Elmo or Big Bird candle.

Or – skip the cake and go with tiers of cupcakes as in the pictures below.  These pictures show some great ideas for balloon decorations you can make using regular round balloons and twisting balloons.  You can find the instructions for different shapes, arches, columns and balloon flowers throughout this site or get the book of instructions for basic balloon decorating at:  Balloon Decor Secrets.

Sesame Street Cupcakes and Cookies

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Sesame Street Party Balloon Centerpiece Ideas

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Sesame Street Birthday Party Balloon Arch

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Special Elmo Birthday Cake

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Are these pictures amazing or what? I know, most of us might not go this far for a child’s party but the photos alone are filled with Sesame Street party ideas you can copy on even a small scale.