Simple Balloon Centerpieces You Can Make Yourself

Balloon Centerpieces

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Try this trick for simple balloon centerpieces you can make yourself for weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries. They look stunning but you can make them easily even if you have no experience. I’ve used a number of these in party posts at the Stones Finds site.

For the best party decorations, you want layers of color and interest at all heights of the event area. That means some balloons up high (cloud ceilings, floating balloons, and arches) and some down low (columns and the bases of balloon arches) and some color and contrast in the middle – balloon centerpieces.

These simple balloon centerpieces are really individual balloons attached to balloon sticks. The sticks are anchored in floral foam which you can place inside decorative boxes (weight them appropriately at the bottom), glass jars, vases, or tin pails.

Like arranging flowers, use different lengths of balloon sticks to keep the balloons layered from top to bottom. Mix different shapes of balloons for the most interesting look. Add large, fabric bows to cover the base and add additional color.

In the picture above, there are four types of balloon designs in the centerpiece:

  • twisting balloons shaped into curls
  • twisting balloons twisted into balloon flowers
  • regular, round balloons
  • one Mylar balloon in the shape of the champagne bottle

It’s the curled balloons that dress up the regular, round balloons.  Follow these instructions on how to curl twisting balloons into spirals:

To make a six petal balloon flower, follow these instructions:

To make your simple balloon centerpieces, choose a theme and decide whether or not to include a Mylar balloon as the topper.  Choose your colors to coordinate with the Mylar balloon and party theme.  inflate your desired number of balloons in the selected shapes. Tie each balloon to a balloon stick. You can buy the sticks in packs of 100 through Amazon: Balloon Sticks White (Package Of 100) or through some local party supply stores.

DIY Balloon Centerpieces

© Jepoycamboy

Start arranging your balloons by inserting the sticks into the florists’ foam. Not all of your centerpieces have to be exactly the same. As long as the color scheme is the same, your centerpieces will look beautiful spread across your party tables.

On a single balloon stick, you might stick a balloon flower on the end and coil one of the curled twisting balloons around the stick. This makes for fuller balloon centerpieces.

Balloon centerpieces are great for all kinds of events. Select your colors based on the formality of the event. Try all white with offsetting ribbon or tulle for a wedding or do a combination of bright colors like orange, blue and yellow for a child’s birthday party.

The best thing about these simple balloon centerpieces you can make yourself is that they don’t require any helium and they’ll last for days. You can use an electric pump to inflate the straight balloons – although I have better luck with a hand pump from a child’s balloon animal kit – the pump seems to slide easier.

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  1. marilyn
    April 11, 2010 at 9:23 am

    The arragements are marvelous .

  2. April 18, 2010 at 8:50 am

    That is quite a skill i must say. I can barely blow them up let alone make shapes. Still my son wants them for his birthday. Thanks for the vids.

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