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How to Use a Balloon Arch in Your Decorations

Balloon Column with Butterflies

Once you learn how to make balloon decorations, the next trick is to figure out how to use them to offset your party space. There are a number of ways you can use a balloon arch in your decorations to make a stunning presentation.

Think of a balloon arch as a frame. Anything underneath or between the arch’s ends will be highlighted as if it were the picture inside the photo frame.

Birthday Balloons and Decorations in a Box

Ever have a great idea, never do anything about it, and then months later find that someone else had the same idea and ran with it? Several times in the past couple of years I’ve thought to myself how convenient it would be to buy a whole birthday decorating kit with balloons and have the whole thing show up in a box. Then I found Birthday in a Box – a smart bunch of people who actually follow through on their ideas!

Simple Balloon Heart and Heart Link Decorations

Balloons in the shape of a heart can be used for so many different occasions – weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day – even just to say I love you. Try a few of these simple balloon heart decorations to dangle from the ceiling or, make a chain of them for a heart link balloon strand that’s completely unexpected.

Balloon Decorations Book Review

Balloon Decorations Book Review

Several weeks ago, I purchased an ebook I’d found online about balloon decorations. This was the first ebook I’d ever purchased and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I wanted to find some new ideas for balloon decorations, especially for weddings and anniversary parties.

How to Make a Balloon Flower Column or Arch Decoration

What a sweet – and simple – balloon flower arch or column idea for birthday party decorations! This video guides you through making a column that is one flower tall, but you can leverage this idea into taller columns, as multiple stand alone flower columns, or as an arch of balloon flowers.

Baby Rattle Balloon Decoration – Great for a Baby Shower

Baby showers are so much fun. We all ooh and ah over the tiny little baby clothes, teddy bears, and blankets. Baby shower decorations are dreamy, too, in pale shades of blue, pink, yellow and green or even in today’s more modern combinations of brown and pink polka dots. This large baby rattle made of balloons is a great decorating idea.