Unique Balloon Decorating Trick

Bedazzled Balloon Decoration

Bedazzled Balloon Decoration

Here’s a unique balloon decorating trick that works great for centerpieces, for the center table, for weddings, and for special birthdays.

I used adhesive backed jewels from a craft store to dress up a simple, round white balloon that I used in a centerpiece.

These jewels come in all kinds of shapes – hearts, diamonds, stars, butterflies, and geometric shapes.  They also come in great colors like lavender, pink, red, green, blue, violet, yellow and clear.

The jewels sparkle in the light and the adhesive sticks to latex amazingly well.  In fact, once placed, attempting to pull them off could pop the balloon so plan your artwork carefully. I moved the centerpiece around the house several times (even let my six year old move it a couple of times) and no jewels fell off. If I were having to cart the decoration around in the car, that might have been another story. Propping them upright with little to bump against them should do the trick.

Adhesive Backed Jewels

Adhesive Backed Jewels from Amazon

It takes some time to place the jewels, depending on how many you want to use on each balloon but if you map out your plan first as to placement, your speed will pick up with each one.

I bought several small packs of the jewels for a couple of dollars each but I found a pack of 500 adhesive jewel pieces on Amazon for about $10.00.

There are a couple of ways you could use these jewels on your balloon decorations. If you are making balloon centerpieces, use the adhesives on just one of the balloons in the center and leave the others plain to offset the jeweled balloon. If you have a lot of balloon centerpieces to make, maybe you just want to jewel the balloon or balloons that will be closest to the guest of honor.

Another way to use this unique balloon decorating trick is to do a traditional bunch of helium balloons joined by curling ribbon and bedazzle the heck out of them. One cluster of extraordinary balloons all decked in jewels, I think, would be really neat for a 16th birthday party or a quinceanera.

Butterfly Adhesive Jewels

Butterfly Adhesive Jewels

I haven’t tried these on a balloon arch yet, but I have in mind a balloon arch all in lavender with three layers of white balloons spaced out evenly along the arch where the white balloons are covered in jewels. Kind of an amazing prom decoration, maybe.

Clear or white balloons look best with the jewels. They don’t show up as well or stand out as nicely on darker colored balloons.

I wish I’d come up with this before Valentine’s Day because I think a cluster of white balloons with red heart jewels all over would have been a stunning little surprise for a few people in my life. Thank goodness there’s always next year…

This unique balloon decorating trick would be really suitable for a wedding – particularly for the head table. White balloons encrusted with clear jewels would look incredibly elegant.

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  1. Tanya
    February 25, 2010 at 11:36 am

    What a wonderful idea. I have used a lot oth the foam stick ons in some of my centerpiece work, but never thought of using the stick on jewels.

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