Make Your Own Valentine Balloon Bouquet

Valentine Balloon Bouquet Idea

© John Richard Allen and Mllerustad

Oh, yes, before you know it, February 14th will be creeping up on us.  A perfect time to learn how to make your own Valentine balloon bouquet for your children, your spouse, your significant other or any special person in your life.  If you’re throwing a party around that time, a collection of these balloon bouquet ideas make perfect table centerpieces.

Gifts of love on Valentine’s Day don’t have to be expensive.  Heart shaped boxes of candy, teddy bears, stuffed balloons, balloon bouquets all let someone know that you love them, care about them, and are thinking about them.  Of course, we women do love to get roses (maybe I’m just speaking for myself?).  But even I would settle for a cluster of balloon flowers as long as my hubby doesn’t forget the day.  Fortunately – he’s even better than I in that department.

I do like to give the kids a little something – a special pen, a small race car, or their favorite candy.  Attach a couple of cool balloon shapes you do yourself and the gift easily becomes something special and unique – a little something from the heart.

This video will show you how to make a different type of balloon flower than I covered before and it can be used alone or with other balloons to make a bouquet, a flower and stem, or can be used to present a small Valentine’s gift.

First, watch the video to get some inspiration for your own bouquet idea, then read the instructions below for more detail.  The video is not in English, but pictures are worth a thousand words, as they say.


  • 10 balloons 5″ in size in your base color (red or white are great options for Valentine’s Day)
  • 2 balloons 5″ in size in your accent color


  • Inflate the first base balloon to 4″ in diameter – use a cardboard cutout with a 4″ diameter to measure your balloon.  Don’t tie off the balloon yet.  Pinch the ends in your fingers and hold on to it while you inflate the next balloon.
  • Inflate the second base balloon to 4″ in diameter.  Tie the end of this balloon off with the end of the first balloon to make a balloon duplet – two balloons tied together.
  • Inflate the remaining 8 base balloons to 4″ in diameter – tying them off in pairs.
  • Inflate the first accent color balloon to 3 1/2″ in diameter – again, using a cardboard cutout to get an even size.  Inflate the second accent balloon and tie the two ends together for your final duplet
  • Twist two base-color duplets together at their centers (where the ends are tied together).
  • Twist the remainder (3) of the duplets around the center of your cluster to build a ball of balloons.
  • Wrap the accent duplet around the center of the ball a couple of times to hold it in place.

You should have one balloon of the accent duplet on each side of your ball to give the appearance of a flower from two sides.

To make your own Valentine balloon bouquet, use helium filled balloons and attach several of these flowers together with ribbon.

Some other ideas:

  • Attach one, solitary heart-shaped helium balloon to the balloon cluster with balloon ribbon
  • Attach a small teddy bear to the balloon flower by using fishing line or an un-inflated twisting balloon as your ribbon
  • Use ribbon to tie on a small box of chocolates

Use your imagination, choose your own colors and make your own Valentine balloon bouquet as special as the person for whom it’s intended.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!