Wedding Balloon Centerpiece Idea – Balloons and Calla Lilies

Calla Lily Wedding Candle Decoration

Calla Lily Wedding Candle Decoration

Now, isn’t every bride a fairytale princess?  Then a wedding balloon centerpiece idea mixed with Cinderella coaches makes perfect sense.  Gorgeous calla lilies complete the picture.

If you’re planning decorations for an evening wedding reception and going with the calla lily theme, sprinkle some Calla Lily candlescalla lily candle decorations around the dining tables around your larger balloon centerpieces. Obviously, keep the flames away from the balloons, but if they’re spaced a bit away from the balloons, they won’t do any harm.

Calla lilies are a beautiful wedding decoration.  They’re simple, yet elegant and there’s something quite sleek in their design.

To view the balloon centerpiece ideas, watch the video below and take note of any inspiration you might get for any wedding you may be planning in the near future.
Clear Wedding Balloon with Flowers from Amazon

Clear Wedding Balloon with Flowers from Amazon

The video shows a selection of wedding balloon centerpiece ideas:  calla lilies with clear balloons interspersed amongst the flowers, a white balloon bride holding her bouquet, a white vase of white calla lilies and white Cinderella coach centerpieces that appear to shimmer with light.

You can find small, clear balloons with patterns on them like these clear, flowered balloons, and twist them around the flower stems or slide the flowers in between the balloons once they’re twisted together.  Twisting the balloons together at their ends keeps them anchored to the centerpiece.

Snowy, white wedding decorations seem to light up the whole room.  They create brightness and a nice, clean look.  Clear balloons with faint, white designs tie in beautifully.

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