Outside Wedding Balloon Decorations

Backyard Wedding Balloon DecorationsWith June just around the corner, an idea for outside wedding balloon decorations seems pretty appropriate! This is a digital design inspired by something I saw in a magazine that could be used to block off unwanted scenery, to surround an outside reception or to line the wedding area itself. I chose pink only because I saw these gorgeous filigree balloons and couldn’t pass them up.

Instead of just one of these, you can make a wall of them to surround the reception area or as a backdrop to the wedding altar. You could also use these just to block off food preparation areas or anything in the background of your wedding location that creates an eyesore.

Two shepherd hook plant holders (staked in the ground) are used for the structure of this wedding balloon decoration. Each of these has a hook from which a potted plant hangs. Geraniums are used in this picture but you could use anything available that matched the colors in your plan – even just simple greenery would work.

Pink Tulle

Pink Tulle by the Yard

Wrapped around the two hooks are yards of pink tulle, which is relatively inexpensive. Firmly tie the tulle to the bottom of one of the hooks and start wrapping it around them both, angling the tulle so that it works its way to the top of the hooks. You can tie it off in a big bow in the back of the structure.

At the top of each hook are five of the pink filigree balloons, fully inflated and tethered together with balloon ribbon. These do not have to be inflated with helium.

Backyard Wedding Balloon Decorations without ArchThe arch across the top is optional. If you do the arch, those balloons must be inflated with helium. Use one length of fishing line or balloon ribbon to make what’s called a “string of pearls” balloon arch. Each balloon neck is tied around the string or line, evenly spaced. This requires far fewer balloons than a traditional arch. Anchor the ends of the arch to the clusters of balloons at the top of the shepherds’ hooks.

These kinds of outside wedding balloon decorations adapt well to other kinds of outdoor parties, too. This color and pattern certainly would be suitable for a sweet sixteen party or a little girl’s birthday party. To the front of the tulle you could attach a Happy Birthday banner or family photos for an anniversary party.

Pink Filigree Balloons

White Filigree Balloons

Black Filigree Balloons

You can easily switch up the color options for a more elegant or formal outdoor wedding by using different tulle, different flowers, and different colored balloons. Use white tulle, white balloons and white flowers; white tulle with red and white flowers and balloons; or a black and white pattern for an evening wedding. It’s your day, your design, your beautiful outside wedding. Enjoy!

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  1. June 15, 2010 at 10:32 am

    Wonderful site!
    Just to add to the article: if you do not want to use helium – you can do without it!

    Home depot will sell you Conduit Pipe, 10′ long, price is under $2, in electric department. It is soft enough to bent it into the arch shape. I use my knee, it can be bended against a pole or you can buy a pipe bender – great tool, takes no force to bend, but pricey…
    Once you have the arch shape – attache it to the hooks – duct tape, any sticking tape, even uninflated balloons will do ( especially 260q – the ones that are used for twisting). Now you can blow up balloons with air, tie them into the 4-clusters and put them on the pipe.
    The advantages are clear: wind will not mess it up (just tie safely!), rain (no way on the wedding day! but what if?) does no damage and if you have guests tomorrow – there is a good chance the arch is still there! If you expect another party – save the frame, if you do not, or no place to store – it is just $2.

    Good luck!

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