Wedding or Valentine Stuffed Balloon Idea

Looking for a way to dress up balloons for an elegant event?  I’ve been playing around with those large, 3 Ft Clear Latex Balloons with stars and how you can stuff them and dress them up for more flair.

Fill one of these large balloons with helium and use the technique for stuffing balloons within a balloon. Use gold balloons or Red Heart Balloons for the inside decoration.

Wedding or Valentine Balloon Decoration

Wedding or Valentine Balloon Decoration

Inflate the inside balloons with helium, too, so they don’t weigh down the larger balloon but, unless you want them all floating at the top, attach a curling ribbon to each one before you completely push them inside the larger balloon.  Pull each internal balloon’s ribbon into place when you tie off the big balloon. Tie a light, coordinating bow in Nylon Tulle at the base of the balloon for some extra texture.

Give the bow long tails that drape down along the balloon ribbon for a more dramatic affect. A number of these hovering above the dance floor or attached to balloon weights and spread along the perimeter of your party area could be quite attractive.

This idea works for a number of other occasions. Use clear balloons with a pink princess Mylar balloon inside and a pink tulle bow or put a Mylar car balloon inside the larger balloon and a black tulle bow for a girl or boy’s birthday party.