Balloon Decorating Idea with Giant Stuffed Balloon

Try this neat balloon decorating idea using one, giant stuffed balloon hanging from the ceiling over your party area and – at just the right moment – create a balloon drop great for a birthday or graduation party.

Photo by Jepoycamboy

Photo by Jepoycamboy

Use a 36″ clear latex balloon and stuff the balloon with smaller balloons in colors matching your party theme. You can use confetti and shredded paper stuffed in the balloon as well as the smaller balloons to really whip up a celebratory moment.

Hang the balloon from the center of your ceiling with fishing line and run coordinating streamers out from the point in the ceiling to which the balloon is anchored.

Use a high quality balloon to ensure it holds until the time you choose.

At a high point in the party – perhaps just after singing Happy Birthday or For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, have an adult reach up and pop the stuffed balloon to shower the guests with balloons and confetti. It might be a bit messy to clean up but what pure fun.