How to Use a Balloon Arch in Your Decorations

Balloon Column with Butterflies

© Ttarasiuk

Once you learn how to make balloon decorations, the next trick is to figure out how to use them to offset your party space. There are a number of ways you can use a balloon arch in your decorations to make a stunning presentation.

Think of a balloon arch as a frame.  Anything underneath or between the arch’s ends will be highlighted as if it were the picture inside the photo frame.

In this picture, the decorator used the balloon arch to bring attention to the decorative cake.  The colors of the balloons have been matched to the colors in the frosting.  It makes the entire arrangement a pulled-together set of decorations that play nicely off of each other.

You can also use a balloon arch to:

  • Mark the entrance of your party (like a red carpet but above your guests heads instead of below their feet).
  • Walking under a balloon arch to get to the party boosts guests’ excitement right off the bat.  It’s much more intriguing then simply walking through a doorway.
  • Criss-cross above a dance floor to create a colorful ceiling.
  • Frame food tables.
  • Surround the chair meant for the guest of honor.  Makes them feel like a prince or princess.
  • Expand color around the gift or present table.
  • Create mini-walls in your space.  I saw a quinceanera party the other day where small arches lined the walls of the room and dangling from the center of each arch was a single balloon filled with rose petals.  It completely obliterated the blank look of plain, white wall space.

You can also decorate your decorations!  Attach symbols that mean something to the party or the person or persons being celebrated.  Paper cutouts, flowers, glitter, even stickers can be attached to balloons in the shape of animals, flowers, nature, names, scrolls, or initials.

Twisting balloons can be wrapped around balloon arches to mimic climbing vines and can hold cutout doves or tiny flowers.

Find the instructions for making a balloon arch here:  Balloon Arch Instructions

Plan out your party space and look for opportunities to frame your guests, food, or decorations by using balloon arches that fit your party theme.