Wedding Reception Balloon Decoration Ideas

Here’s a simple video filled with wedding reception balloon decoration ideas. The pictures are clear and provide some tips on what you will need if you are going to be making your own balloon decorations for an upcoming event or wedding.

A few stood out as pretty examples of neat ideas that wouldn’t take a lot of money. These included making four balloon columns to frame a dance floor, the pearl strand balloon arch over the head table and the cake table, and the large, clear balloons frosted with wedding symbols. These reminded me of the Deco Balloons I mentioned earlier. Used to top a small cluster of balloons in colors that match your wedding, the Deco Balloons add an extra shine to the decoration because of their material. The example in the video showed them being used for balloon clouds and table centerpieces.

If you need more wedding reception balloon decoration ideas, make sure to browse through the Categories listed on the right hand side of this blog and I hope you find everything you need to design a beautiful wedding party!